Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preds Hang On Against the St. (Black and) Blues 4-3


Another 3rd period cliff-hanger and more injuries!  The Blues decided to re-enact their favorite scenes from Slap-Shot throughout the game tonight, being more physical than usual: taking Kevin Klein out in the first 30 seconds of his shift with an upper-body injury, taking Erat out with a lower-body injury (looked like knee-on-knee), while slashing open JP Dumont's nose with a stick, crossing-checking Hornqvist in the back of the head to the ground and hitting Jones with another knee-on-knee - thankfully the latter 3 weren't serious.

11 forwards, 5 defensemen - I'm thinking Sulzer will be back up soon.  Pack light from now on, Sulz, and earn those flyer miles!  The boys were tired by the 3rd and it showed - up 4-1 in the first five minutes of the 3rd to hanging on 4-3 with five minutes to go.  Tired from the injuries, tired from having to balance the lines what with 4 players injured total by the end of the 1st period.  Thanks to Rinne's gameplay and some great D, we came out of St. Louis with a win.

Goc and Hornqvist continue to be this season's break-out goal-scoring forwards (a la Ward last season - also scoring a goal tonight) while Dumont bounced back, the stick to the face bringing out revenge in the form of fancy handy work to get the game-winning goal.

It seems once the Preds began to win and climb that ladder, our competition has taken notice that when we play as a team, we are dangerous.  We don't have just one person they can take out...so they're looking to take all of our players out of commission, one by one, and that's frightening.

The next game is Columbus, New Year's Eve, so don't wait up for a post.  The New Year's post will be up before the game.  I'll be cooking up a storm and having folks over for the evening festivities and lots of booze will be had.  How about you?

Thus far - no hockey gear was received for Xmas, or you don't wanna brag to your friends via SPC.  That's fine....let's boast about beating Chris Mason tonight instead!


(It's all your fault! x 4)


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