Thursday, December 17, 2009

There Will Be Blood: Preds Strike Oil(ers) 6-3


Hey everyone! Remember when our boys went on their Canadian road-trip a few years back and came back with wins against all those Northern naysayers?  It might just happen again!

I'm not particularly in a blogging mood, but the 6-3 win over the Oilers I'm sure has us all grinning.  What Rinne's problem was - no clue - but thankfully Hornqvist took care of it and erased those mistakes from the board and Smithson, Ward, Goc and Jones (another Jones goal, indeed) helped take care of the rest.

Can we say "hO, hO, hO"?  Our O seems to have taken its time getting here this season, but as of late, it's been here in spades.  I love this lil holiday gift to the fans.  Makes for great games (and frosties)!  Keep it up, fellas and have a nice time visiting your own family and friends!


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