Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog!: Preds Consume Blackhawks 4-1


I sit tonight with a table of friends, having just finished making homemade salsa while Steph finishes Christmas cards,  I got off of work as the 2nd began, as Erat scored the 2nd goal to bring it to 2-1.  What? Really? Erat? A few off games and his personal streak is back.  Thank you, Erat.

The Blackhawks brought the thunder to go along with their newest long-term contracts, but thankfully, as history has it, when the all-stars sign giant contracts, they don't perform for a handful of games.  Thanks for joining those ranks; Kane and Toews, respectfully.  So many powerplays against the Preds and now I'm wondering where we are in the NHL's PK list.  Anyone got the stats yet?  The 3rd saw a last minute burst of energy, one of which has been appearing in the last string of games, just not with pinpoint precision, Tootoo finally made the back of the net, quickly followed by Wardo to end the game 4-1.

We play very well against the best teams and we don't show up during the mediocre teams.  Another thing I notice, we're good in either getting revenge or getting our just desserts: Blues lose to us, we streak 7 games, they get revenge; San Jose somehow defeats us, so they come here and we get those points back; it's the Wild's time - even with my boy, Zanon, it's time to take you down (seems to be the pattern, anyhow, so let's not ).

The Dec. 12th game against the Red Wings will give attendees 3rd jersey beer koozies, so buy more tix and get fun gifts for your friends.

A less-than-positive-article in the Nashville Scene regarding the first appearance of the 3rd jersey (see my post regarding hocus-pocus on appearing on a friday instead of the proposed Saturdays) also mentions that it may just follow the lead of the Wild's 3rd...the 3rd may become our 1st in the future so they say.  What do you have to say to that?


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