Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frosties, Fights and Tuesday Nights: Preds Strike Lightning 7-4


You eating your Frosty? I sure am.  You eating it with fries? I ate those already, so I can't say that I'm doing that at the moment.  What I am doing at the moment is relishing in tonight's electrifying score against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight, 7-4.  Smithson, Legwand, Jones, Hornqvist, Dumont, Hamhuis and Erat - thank you for that lovely evening!

Jones has 3 goals in 4 games, looking great since his recall, though Hockeybuzz Felder thinks it's a show and that he's trade bait.  With all the Ellis rumors being reported, I wouldn't be surprised if both were shopped as a package, but where, oh where, would that be?  Erat continues his domination in each game, making me wonder if I should pick him up for my fantasy team - I never thought I'd ever consider that.

Weber, Klein and Smithson dropped gloves this evening, though by the energy throughout the game, there were plenty other times the fisticuffs could've flown.  By the end of the 2nd, the refs seemed to quit calling...well...anything against the Lightning unless it was blatant, and even some of those calls were over-looked.

A great way to end the last game prior to Christmas break for all of us, and before our boys' 3-game western Canada road-trip.  Let's keep the fire burning (lord knows we'd all like that after that 40 degree temp. drop last night) and get some revenge in Calgary - put that flame out once and for all).

I've got a few ideas in store for the SPC - in the words of Yogurt, "Moichandising!" - SeePuckCity stickers are in the works, and maybe...maybe...wearables.  And did somebody say...awesomely hilarious micro-podcasts! All of that and more in 2010!

Mmm...my Frosty is now gone, and as I wash it down with an Abita Christmas Ale (Yazoo's Wassail that you can get from their taproom is much better - I'm saving the rest of that growler for a special occassion, like...when I get home from dealing with relatives after Christmas Day) and I can only hope for more surprise Christmas gifts in the form of wins on the road.

For those of you who will soon be traveling, safe travels - watch the roads, don't drink and drive or drive when you are tired (just as dangerous, folks - really), and watch for cops cos they'll soon be everywhere (and in Hendersonville, they may pull you over for driving 3 mph over - so anal, the HPD).

I'll keep blogging after the Away games, but there are folks already going out of town now, students taking their final finals and being whisked away into the land of gaudy decorations and Round 2 of Holiday Dinners That Earn You Ten Pounds.  Happy holidays from SPC - at least until Dec.31st, when I'll announce something else, possibly while being incredibly sloshed.


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