Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beast of 7 - Summer Begins: Random Bits


The Habs did it.  They beat Washington in a Best of 7.  They just beat Pittsburgh in a Best of 7 (and yet the talking heads - no, not the good David Byrne ones - still won't let the Crosby/Ovechkin comparisons die).  The Bruins have allowed their series to go to a Best of 7 (I wish them the best in their folly; they looked a bit like the Preds in October last night).  The Red Wings beat Phoenix in a Best of 7 (but lost to the Sharks).  Pred's ECHL affiliate Cincinnati Cyclones came back from a 0-3 game deficit to win their Best of 7 last night (congrats, Cyclones and Cyclones fans)!  The summer (technically still Spring, I know) is starting out on fire to say the least - especially if you're a Montreal cop car.

Enjoying the highlighted links? I know I've been missing them for awhile!

The 2010 IIHF World Championships have been a blast - a blast for the upsetters anyway.  Team Germany defeating Team USA (a sign of things to come for what will soon be known as Team Relegation; go Goc!), Denmark beating Finland (Pekka's only game thus far) then USA, Switzerland just beat Canada for their first time in 76 years yesterday, and Norway has been on a roll themselves beating the Czech Republic and just finished beating France as I type this. PredsOnTheGlass has more to tell regarding Team USA's downfall.

That being said, the IIHF website has had a few fun fan-oriented activities.  One such example was asking fans to send in questions for Team Germany captain (and familiar face of Preds forward greatness) Marcel Goc to answer.  I did my civic duty as a Nashville Predators fan paying attention to the Worlds' games and sent in a handful of questions - most of which he answered! I've got a white Team Germany jersey that will soon have a #57 on the back (thanks to IceJerseys being great).  

Yes, I've still got to look into WordPress formatting.  I keep seeing more and more sites that are built on WordPress, but I've got no idea about coding or format or any tech-y gobbledy-gook.  Any suggestions from my web-savvy readers?

Lastly, I've got two big summer projects I'm working on.  One is myself - building myself to become a hockey player, specifically a goalie.  I've skated as many times as I've got fingers on my hand (not counting the thumb), but I've come to grips with the fact that I can no longer just be a fan - I want to be more (kinda like that old commercial where the kids drop the video games in favor of actually playing the sports outside).  I'd like to document it via this blog, but in various media formats (and, again, with better web design).

The other...well...are there any hockey-loving artists in the house? Who might also like comic books? I'm looking for an illustrator that love hockey and I think you know where I'm going with this.

[Below: 3 games at the same time: Habs/Pens on the left, Bruins/Flyers upper right, Cyclones/Royals bottom right - schizo hockey!]

Today, the insurance adjuster comes to the SPC Haus to inspect damage from the flood rains seeping through the basement walls, causing me to tear out all carpet and foam, and soon go to work on the drywall (hey, it could've been much worse, so I'm lucky I got away with that).  The adjuster's phone number is a Massachusetts area code - I'll be wearing my Bruins shirt to break the ice. Wish me luck!