Saturday, December 5, 2009

Preds Lost In The Wilderness: 5-3


That coach we had for the first part of the season is back, scratching a fella that will stay in front of the net and get those garbage goals we need to survive with our lack of O in favor of a scrapper who doesn't scrap at all, let alone do anything else.  "Coach's choice," indeed.

And playing Ellis back-to-back?  He didn't shutout Chicago - I'm not saying he wasn't great against them, but still...he's become the back-up goalie and when we play back-to-backs, that's when we change back up.  Is it because Rinne didn't win against the Wild last time?  Well, by that logic we now have reason to never let Ellis play against the Wild again.

Jones is back and I'm OK with that.  We've got his name on the back of t-shirts for a reason, right?  Though I did see the new Wilson shirts moved to a different section in the pro-shop.  Hmm.

Erat continues with the goal scoring and I'm perfectly sound with him long as he keeps this up.  He's getting paid more than so many other better players, I'd think that might bruise his ego if he didn't finally step up and compete with his hockey millionaire's club.

Oh, Zanon, I miss ya, buddy...but your new team can piss off.  Is it going to take a bad team to get amazing for us to beat them?  We do great against great teams and piss-poor against "meh" teams and there is absolutely no reason!  With Detroit playing as they have,  I'm actually more afraid of them now then ever before...cos they're more mediocre than ever!

All these moves with the Ads and Cyclones and whatnot might be paving a way to produce some sort of trade deal for some sound offense.  I'm crossing my fingers for that.


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  1. This is the EXACT problem that has been plaguing this organization for the past 2 years that I've been following it, which is lack of follow through coupled with spotty coaching. Trotz, much like the team, is unstoppable when he is good and insanely bad when he is off his game. I would love to see some consistency out of the only team to replace the Bruins in my heart.

    There have got to be some coaches (or assistant coaches) that can point this team into a permanently proper position. it's not like we don't have the talent, it just needs guidance and placement.