Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preds Get Their Point Across, Then Get Rebuked: Lose To Wild In OT 4-5


I'm sick at the moment - trying to overcome it with meds, thus I'm sleepy and forgot about the game tonight until the beginning of the 3rd.  Thanks to tonight's game being shown on GameCenter (finally! A Preds game on a service I'm paying too much for), I caught up with the highlights and saw in the 1st, a team playing only a wee better than the last time (OK, nothing is as bad as the Calgary gameplay is concerned).  The 2nd saw the team gather their bearings and play like they meant it...tie game.  The 3rd saw two really hungry teams, with two sharp-shooting captains (Arnott, Koivu) keeping the game afloat into OT.  And the OT saw a cluster in front of the net, everyone on the ground like they were being held up...and they were, for the second point at least.

At least we got 1? I know that's not the way to think, especially against the team that kept us from inching our way into the playoffs last season, but it is what it is.  Let's surprise the Blackhawks by being sharp a full 60 minutes, eh?

On a side note, my gal Steph was happily surprised at her workplace by a group from the Preds Org.  Pictures will be up soon, but let's just say there was an ecstatic girl with a handful of t-shirts today off Demonbruen and an afternoon she won't soon forget.  Thanks,  Mr. Perez, for making her day!

Off to guzzle some NyQuil.


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