Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preds Hang On Against the St. (Black and) Blues 4-3


Another 3rd period cliff-hanger and more injuries!  The Blues decided to re-enact their favorite scenes from Slap-Shot throughout the game tonight, being more physical than usual: taking Kevin Klein out in the first 30 seconds of his shift with an upper-body injury, taking Erat out with a lower-body injury (looked like knee-on-knee), while slashing open JP Dumont's nose with a stick, crossing-checking Hornqvist in the back of the head to the ground and hitting Jones with another knee-on-knee - thankfully the latter 3 weren't serious.

11 forwards, 5 defensemen - I'm thinking Sulzer will be back up soon.  Pack light from now on, Sulz, and earn those flyer miles!  The boys were tired by the 3rd and it showed - up 4-1 in the first five minutes of the 3rd to hanging on 4-3 with five minutes to go.  Tired from the injuries, tired from having to balance the lines what with 4 players injured total by the end of the 1st period.  Thanks to Rinne's gameplay and some great D, we came out of St. Louis with a win.

Goc and Hornqvist continue to be this season's break-out goal-scoring forwards (a la Ward last season - also scoring a goal tonight) while Dumont bounced back, the stick to the face bringing out revenge in the form of fancy handy work to get the game-winning goal.

It seems once the Preds began to win and climb that ladder, our competition has taken notice that when we play as a team, we are dangerous.  We don't have just one person they can take out...so they're looking to take all of our players out of commission, one by one, and that's frightening.

The next game is Columbus, New Year's Eve, so don't wait up for a post.  The New Year's post will be up before the game.  I'll be cooking up a storm and having folks over for the evening festivities and lots of booze will be had.  How about you?

Thus far - no hockey gear was received for Xmas, or you don't wanna brag to your friends via SPC.  That's fine....let's boast about beating Chris Mason tonight instead!


(It's all your fault! x 4)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chica-go-puck-yourself: Preds Lose 4-5


Don't know what to say about this one.  2-1 into the 3rd thanks to one of the pleasant surprises this season, Marcel Goc, and another from Erat.  The 3rd period brought too many penalties, too many times - though once again, many of them questionable...well...the ones against us seem to be.  Is this another season where the hot Original Six team is favored, even subconsciously, by the officials? Based on last night's lack of off-side calls against and a hand-full of calls tonight, I wouldn't doubt it.

Chicago is the new Detroit.

Madden strikes lightning twice, then Hamuis and Franson (where was HE last night? Oh...scratched!) tie it back up, only to see the damn-namic duo, Toews and Kane light it up with less than a minute left, ending the season series.

I mean, I know that refs are people too, but with the silliness we've seen this weekend, with Smithson's 5-minute misconduct earlier this season that they later apologized for after the game was said and done, and hell, even with that Red Wings goal snafu (they're not even safe nowadays; they're..."old hat")...these folks better get their act together, wake the hell up and review every angle if something is questionable, or we might as well just accept the league is becoming the new NBA (ie. bought and paid for - hook[er'd], line [sman] and s[t]inker).

Sent in pics of your hockey-oriented gifts yet? seepuckcity@gmail.com and it'll be posted here at SeePuckCity for our New Year's Eve post!

'Til Tuesday!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Predator Down" Doesn't Have Same Ring As "Blackhawk Down", But Chicago Still Wins 4-1


The good news: tonight was the first sell-out w/ 17,113 in attendance.  We need more nights like tonight, nights with the lobby being a pain in the butt to walk through due to numerous "excuses me"s and "get outta my way, ya friggin' 'Hawks fan"s.  Perhaps the fact that San Diego put the final nail in the Titans' coffin might sway some folks Sommet's way.

The bad news: the Preds team we saw tonight was the same team we saw in Vancouver, despite a handful of line-up changes due to Smithson's injury, as well as Toots'.  Thuresson is the latest addition to the line-up, Spaling prior to that, and the chemistry has yet to be made. Turn-over after turn-over, and if it weren't for the folks in the Toronto War Room deciding to be nice to us for Boxing Day, the game would've ended in a shut-out, what with the refs not calling at least 5 off-sides against Chicago and a handful of questionable-at-best calls against us.

Like Vancouver, we seemed to match their play by the end of the 1st aaaaaaand SCENE! That's a wrap! Pack up and mail the rest in.  Where #71 went, I've got no idea.  I recall seeing Erat actually stealing the puck away from Klein at the blue line, and with reason (#8's shots were either picked away or were way off net or playing the puck in front of Rinne) - though it's a bad sign when your team can only forecheck against themselves.  I'm morbidly curious to see how much time was spent in our zone.

I thought we tend to play superb against the best Western Conference teams.  We seem to play well in their barn, so let's take it to them in front of their sold out arena, eh? Split the season series in half. Please? A belated Xmas present? A "Sorry, didn't know what Boxing Day Was" belated Boxing Day present?

FOCUS - and cram for that Chem test.  You've got 40+ of them coming up, so you better get your learn on.  Get Smithson to tutor you for the PK quiz, and get Tootoo to let you copy his crib notes.

Off to sleep.  A wave of tired hit me like a sack of Hossa's pride.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas From SeePuckCity


Whatever you choose to celebrate or choose not to celebrate - we at SeePuckCity (myself, Steph and Falkous the Hockey Dog) hope you have the merriest time doing it!

Myself? I'm having a very Kraftwerk Kristmas.

Steph spent the past two days in Atlanta with her folks and received a Preds 3rd jersey, an Ads Away jersey and an authentic Cincinnati Cyclones jersey for Christmas (Who loves their gal? I loves my gal). I bought myself an old Nashville Knights puck.  Pictures of hockey gifts will come soon.

Have you sent yours in yet?  Send your hockey gift pics to seepuckcity@gmail.com to be included in an upcoming pre-New Year's post!

Falkous spent the day at his Grandmother's house while a creepy old man-doll with bad posture watched over him.  He apparently hit the Egg Nog a bit too hard and passed out in the bedroom.  Time to get back to the next set of relatives visiting the house!

As posted before, have happy holidays and more importantly, safe holiday travels.  Tis the season for crazy drivers and bad weather conditions, and we all know those two things don't go together...especially in the South!

See you at our 2nd home tomorrow night against the Blackhawks.

Cheery Cheers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preds Hand Over Win To Vancouver; Allow Canadian Media To Keep Pride


Though I've begun this blog with ten minutes left in the game, I feel I can begin my opinion on the evening.

Aside from eating dinner and still having to wait an hour and a half for the game to begin (friggin' Vancouver games), the initial 1st period looked like it was going to be a fun game. Both teams came out with their A game, a high-energy back and forth race to get the puck in first, resulting with a 0-0 scoreboard.  Smithson was the casualty, blocking a shot with his hand.

2nd period began the end, really.  The Preds rarely got a chance out of their own zone, getting a handful of shots versus Vancouver doubling theirs up from the 1st.  Bouillon was cut and left for the locker room.  Our "lunch pail gang" had no thermos of Liquid Ice to come back.  The lackluster 2nd period-play ended 0-2 Vancouver.

3rd brought Bouillon back to the game, as well as a last gasp of energy...before a blast from the blue-line and, as a few moments ago as of typing this blog, the Sedins scoring this game out (instead of diving and whining all over the ice like they did at 501 Broadway) - the game became 0-4.  Hornqvist, one of the only players (see also Erat, Sullivan, hell...even Jones for the few minutes he was out there) that seemed to be "on" and energized, scored late to kill Betty Lu's hopes for an easy shut-out (and yeh, I called him Betty Lu).  I've got that fella's name on my back at the moment - thinking perhaps picking up a Goc shirt.  Giving any Preds X-Mas gifts this year?  Getting any that you know of?  Send your pics to seepuckcity@gmail.com and I'll post'em on Boxing Day (26th) though the end of the year.  Back to the game - Preds lost it in the 2nd for the rest of the way ending 1-4.

With the couple of days off the Preds had on this Canadian trip to travel out west, it seems either they got a little lazy, Christmas might've been on their minds with all the friends and family-visiting one would assume they all tried to squeeze in, or it could just be Vancouver really just wanted to give their fans something to rub in the faces of anyone who gives two piddles about any other Canadian team...cos as any small-market team fan knows, Canadian egos are equivalent to that of a bull in a china shop. Vancouver fans are going to bed smiling tonight, or at least to the messageboards to talk smack, not about how their team beat the Predators, but that the other Canadian teams did not.

60 minutes, boys.  20 won't cut it.  Not in Canada, and certainly not at home when we face the best in the West.  We seem to do rather well, however, when we face "the best" - let's continue that streak...and break Chicago's.

Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it.  Merry Whatever-Else to those of you who celebrate other things.  Enjoy the gift of breathing for those of you who don't really celebrate anything at this time of year (cos based on the people I've seen in the malls and on the roads this past week, it really should be a privilege...so...inhale with glee).  I'll see you in 303 on Saturday.

Safe travels and send me those Preds gift pics for the 26th!


PS. It's Always Sunny In...Vancouver?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preds Extinguish Flames 5-3 In Calgary


I was at work for the last scheduled day of 2009 (students go out of town for break, I get a bit of a vacation myself) with a terrible hangover (Vodka's a cruel mistress) while our boys continued their own version of Sherman's March (through Canada), so I didn't have a chance to catch the matinee game on the tv nor the radio.  Another 5+ goal game makes me wonder if Trotz rewards the fellas with Tim Hortons if they score 5, the way we get our frosties.  Whatever he's doing, it's working quite nicely, eh?

Steph, however, was lucky enough to catch a majority of the game on the radio dial, so without further ado...SPC Special Guest Blogger Stephanie:

Well today being my birthday it was kind of special already, but a 4th straight win never hurts. I like what I've been seeing/listening to lately. We're starting off strong right from the start & if the opponent ties it up or even if we get behind a goal or two,  the boys are brushing it off & coming back strong. I like that, the consistency of play is much better in comparison to earlier this season. Our boys are playing a full 60 minutes no matter what the score is, and that's always a good thing. We're scoring goals on every line, also a good thing. We've got 20 players (sans goalies) & maybe it's just me, but I feel like all 20 players should contribute at least something to the game. Now,  I'm not saying that I expect Weber & Suter to have 20 goals a piece this season, but you just can't rely on your top line to be the only ones out their scoring goals. You've got to spread the threat around or those special few become the main targets for the opposition. That's what we've been doing lately & just look at the results. We scored 5 goals tonight & everyone of them was scored by a different player. 6 goals on Thursdays night & the only one of five guys to score more than one goal was Patric Hornqvist. I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. After being hit or miss for so long we're finally playing as a unified team & if we continue this calibre of play the playoffs are ours for the taking.

Sorry I didn't really talk much about tonight's game. If for some reason this is the only hockey blog you read & you missed the game here's a quick recap.  We were up 2-1 at the end of the 1st with a goal each from Erat & Legwand. The flames took a short-lived one-point lead in the 2nd with a pair of goals coming from Iginla, but Goc tied it up for us just after the 17-minute marker. The Flames tried to rally back in the 3rd, but with solid goaltending by Dan Ellis & a goal by Cody Franson & then empty netter by Scatchard, the Preds took the much needed revenge for our last home loss to the Flames.


Thanks, Steph! Happy birthday!

This was an exciting game to say the least, and thankfully, I'll have all the time until mid-Jan. to catch the upcoming games and bring you the SPC take on things.

'Til next time!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

There Will Be Blood: Preds Strike Oil(ers) 6-3


Hey everyone! Remember when our boys went on their Canadian road-trip a few years back and came back with wins against all those Northern naysayers?  It might just happen again!

I'm not particularly in a blogging mood, but the 6-3 win over the Oilers I'm sure has us all grinning.  What Rinne's problem was - no clue - but thankfully Hornqvist took care of it and erased those mistakes from the board and Smithson, Ward, Goc and Jones (another Jones goal, indeed) helped take care of the rest.

Can we say "hO, hO, hO"?  Our O seems to have taken its time getting here this season, but as of late, it's been here in spades.  I love this lil holiday gift to the fans.  Makes for great games (and frosties)!  Keep it up, fellas and have a nice time visiting your own family and friends!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frosties, Fights and Tuesday Nights: Preds Strike Lightning 7-4


You eating your Frosty? I sure am.  You eating it with fries? I ate those already, so I can't say that I'm doing that at the moment.  What I am doing at the moment is relishing in tonight's electrifying score against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight, 7-4.  Smithson, Legwand, Jones, Hornqvist, Dumont, Hamhuis and Erat - thank you for that lovely evening!

Jones has 3 goals in 4 games, looking great since his recall, though Hockeybuzz Felder thinks it's a show and that he's trade bait.  With all the Ellis rumors being reported, I wouldn't be surprised if both were shopped as a package, but where, oh where, would that be?  Erat continues his domination in each game, making me wonder if I should pick him up for my fantasy team - I never thought I'd ever consider that.

Weber, Klein and Smithson dropped gloves this evening, though by the energy throughout the game, there were plenty other times the fisticuffs could've flown.  By the end of the 2nd, the refs seemed to quit calling...well...anything against the Lightning unless it was blatant, and even some of those calls were over-looked.

A great way to end the last game prior to Christmas break for all of us, and before our boys' 3-game western Canada road-trip.  Let's keep the fire burning (lord knows we'd all like that after that 40 degree temp. drop last night) and get some revenge in Calgary - put that flame out once and for all).

I've got a few ideas in store for the SPC - in the words of Yogurt, "Moichandising!" - SeePuckCity stickers are in the works, and maybe...maybe...wearables.  And did somebody say...awesomely hilarious micro-podcasts! All of that and more in 2010!

Mmm...my Frosty is now gone, and as I wash it down with an Abita Christmas Ale (Yazoo's Wassail that you can get from their taproom is much better - I'm saving the rest of that growler for a special occassion, like...when I get home from dealing with relatives after Christmas Day) and I can only hope for more surprise Christmas gifts in the form of wins on the road.

For those of you who will soon be traveling, safe travels - watch the roads, don't drink and drive or drive when you are tired (just as dangerous, folks - really), and watch for cops cos they'll soon be everywhere (and in Hendersonville, they may pull you over for driving 3 mph over - so anal, the HPD).

I'll keep blogging after the Away games, but there are folks already going out of town now, students taking their final finals and being whisked away into the land of gaudy decorations and Round 2 of Holiday Dinners That Earn You Ten Pounds.  Happy holidays from SPC - at least until Dec.31st, when I'll announce something else, possibly while being incredibly sloshed.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Calling As A Prophet Is Moot: Redwings Best Preds in OT 3-2


As I mentioned in the previous post, due to my band's first gig in a year and a half, I was unable to make it to the OT win over Columbus, let alone hear it on the radio, so I did not blog about it.

I did, however, have a dream last night that I twittered about earlier this morning:  I was walking to my friend's place (though it was a 2-story townhouse instead of a normal apt) and I looked down at my phone to check the game score - it read 3-2 Preds.  I woke up feeling assured that tonight would be a W.

Tonight, I had to work, but I was able to keep up with stats until the middle of the 2nd, and I listened to the rest on the radio.  When I first saw 2-0 in favor of the Wings, I felt defeated, but as I began listening, it seemed that my dream prophecy could come true - our boys in blue came back to tie the game 2-2 (thank you, Leggy and Sullivan/Jones) despite faulty calls that give Detroit goals that shouldn't count (seems that our calls at these games always waive ours off).  As I sat outside of the Nashville Arena, awaiting Steph's return (she makes it to all the games I cannot make it to due to work and takes notes - that's love!), we made it to OT - a point for each team - fine.  Then Todd Bertuzzi decided to be my very own lil Freddy Krueger and destroy my dreamage, though not intentionally - we lost another game due to TURN OVERS (the ultimate Pred fan nightmare during games we should win).

The Preds battled back sharply in order to tie it up and then coasted into OT wondering how to maneuver while the Wings were firing all pistons and paying full attention to not only themselves but us as well.  In the end, that's what lost the game - the extra attention paid (in full, this time at our expense).

We've got another game or two at home against these fellas - next time we must make all 60 minutes count instead of 30, in order to make sure these 3 point games don't occur in our division.  We were only 3 points out last year - let's make sure as many other Central Division teams know that feeling this time around.  Play completely.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"SeePuckCity Is The Best Ho(c)key Blog Nashville's Got," says SeePuckCity.


It came to my attention two days ago that yours truly was nominated in a contest of strength, wit and/or value.  Sadly, that came to my attention after the fact that yours truly did not make it past the first round of said contest.  Today, my attention was turned towards one blogger in the contest mentioning that smear tactics were being used to undermine this contest of will, honor and/or knowledge, and I have only this to say to the whole situation:

SeePuckCity is the ONLY Nashville Predators hockey blog you need.

That being said, I will tell you why I'm right in my rather ballsy comment: cos after you read my take on a game and/or reason I posted something hockey-related, you can click a link to get all that boring statistical bugga-boo.  You can go get your stats or your interviews or your podcasts with guests who make more money than you doing awesome things you'd like to do (see Mike Birbiglia) or your opinionated feminine view of things, you can even click on a link to get your extrovertedly anonymous view of things, or even your Canadian view of things (*shudder*), but as long as you're doing it with a smile (a smirk works just as well - see AJ for your smirk-worthiness) on your face, you've got it done right (you do know that when you click the highlighted text, it will take you to a related or ironically humorous link, right? If not, you've been doing it wrong.).

SeePuckCity: It's it. (What is it? SeePuckCity.)



((In all honesty, congrats to all of you guys - if it weren't for you all, especially after the messageboard went to hell, I wouldn't have been inspired to do what I do here.  A sincere shout out to all Nashville Preds bloggers, Admirals bloggers and Cyclones bloggers - thank you and keep it up.))

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Erat Earns The Season's 1st Hat-trick: Preds Defeat Canucks At Home 4-2


Betta Czech yo self befo you wreck yo self - Erat scores a hat-trick, the 1st of this season for the Preds, after being moved up to the 1st line for tonight's game.  Has he played 3rd line yet? I believe he might be the only player to have played all 4 lines this season, and with scoring points in 4 consecutive games, it looks like he might be staying there for a lil while.  This is great news!  This will make JP pick up his lackluster pace while Erat hopefully continues his consecutive point-streak.

I was at work until the 3rd - keeping score on the iPhone with Sportacular, as usual, but I arrived while it was still 1-2 Preds.  Steph took notes and I heard the stories and saw the proof - apparently...Vancouver is practicing for the Olympic Diving Team - Daniel Sedin's favorite movie: Dive Another Day.  He'd shoot a puck and fall to the ground.  Or...skate behind the goal post and fall to the ground.  Or get the puck at face-off and fall to the ground.  I'd go so far as to say if he were called on a penalty, he'd re-create a dramatization in the penalty box and do an interpretive dance of a leaf falling to the ground. Oh, and Burrows, you're a twat.

Hornqvist had a pleasant return to the positive stats with a goal in the 3rd (with an assist by none other than Erat himself) as well as a target on his head - he seems to be the fella the other team wants to push and shove just cos he's always stationed at the net (hey Trotz...does Belak do this? Nope. Doesn't do anything else either).  A toast to Horny as well! It's vodka tonight, and while it's vodka, a toast to Pekka as well (Finlandia, perhaps?) - what with a montage that bests any intro of the past two seasons.  Seriously...I don't want Schindler's List music with my black&white hockey highlights to get me in the mood.  I want Rob Zombie back!!!

I will be missing the Columbus game on Thursday due to the fact that my punk band, Clist, is playing our first show in two Mays - 8pm at the Little Hamilton Collective.  It's up to all of the other quality bloggers to take care of the news and notes for you!

'Til Detroit!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Preds Lost In The Wilderness: 5-3


That coach we had for the first part of the season is back, scratching a fella that will stay in front of the net and get those garbage goals we need to survive with our lack of O in favor of a scrapper who doesn't scrap at all, let alone do anything else.  "Coach's choice," indeed.

And playing Ellis back-to-back?  He didn't shutout Chicago - I'm not saying he wasn't great against them, but still...he's become the back-up goalie and when we play back-to-backs, that's when we change back up.  Is it because Rinne didn't win against the Wild last time?  Well, by that logic we now have reason to never let Ellis play against the Wild again.

Jones is back and I'm OK with that.  We've got his name on the back of t-shirts for a reason, right?  Though I did see the new Wilson shirts moved to a different section in the pro-shop.  Hmm.

Erat continues with the goal scoring and I'm perfectly sound with him now...as long as he keeps this up.  He's getting paid more than so many other better players, I'd think that might bruise his ego if he didn't finally step up and compete with his hockey millionaire's club.

Oh, Zanon, I miss ya, buddy...but your new team can piss off.  Is it going to take a bad team to get amazing for us to beat them?  We do great against great teams and piss-poor against "meh" teams and there is absolutely no reason!  With Detroit playing as they have,  I'm actually more afraid of them now then ever before...cos they're more mediocre than ever!

All these moves with the Ads and Cyclones and whatnot might be paving a way to produce some sort of trade deal for some sound offense.  I'm crossing my fingers for that.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog!: Preds Consume Blackhawks 4-1


I sit tonight with a table of friends, having just finished making homemade salsa while Steph finishes Christmas cards,  I got off of work as the 2nd began, as Erat scored the 2nd goal to bring it to 2-1.  What? Really? Erat? A few off games and his personal streak is back.  Thank you, Erat.

The Blackhawks brought the thunder to go along with their newest long-term contracts, but thankfully, as history has it, when the all-stars sign giant contracts, they don't perform for a handful of games.  Thanks for joining those ranks; Kane and Toews, respectfully.  So many powerplays against the Preds and now I'm wondering where we are in the NHL's PK list.  Anyone got the stats yet?  The 3rd saw a last minute burst of energy, one of which has been appearing in the last string of games, just not with pinpoint precision, Tootoo finally made the back of the net, quickly followed by Wardo to end the game 4-1.

We play very well against the best teams and we don't show up during the mediocre teams.  Another thing I notice, we're good in either getting revenge or getting our just desserts: Blues lose to us, we streak 7 games, they get revenge; San Jose somehow defeats us, so they come here and we get those points back; it's the Wild's time - even with my boy, Zanon, it's time to take you down (seems to be the pattern, anyhow, so let's not ).

The Dec. 12th game against the Red Wings will give attendees 3rd jersey beer koozies, so buy more tix and get fun gifts for your friends.

A less-than-positive-article in the Nashville Scene regarding the first appearance of the 3rd jersey (see my post regarding hocus-pocus on appearing on a friday instead of the proposed Saturdays) also mentions that it may just follow the lead of the Wild's 3rd...the 3rd may become our 1st in the future so they say.  What do you have to say to that?


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preds Get Their Point Across, Then Get Rebuked: Lose To Wild In OT 4-5


I'm sick at the moment - trying to overcome it with meds, thus I'm sleepy and forgot about the game tonight until the beginning of the 3rd.  Thanks to tonight's game being shown on GameCenter (finally! A Preds game on a service I'm paying too much for), I caught up with the highlights and saw in the 1st, a team playing only a wee better than the last time (OK, nothing is as bad as the Calgary gameplay is concerned).  The 2nd saw the team gather their bearings and play like they meant it...tie game.  The 3rd saw two really hungry teams, with two sharp-shooting captains (Arnott, Koivu) keeping the game afloat into OT.  And the OT saw a cluster in front of the net, everyone on the ground like they were being held up...and they were, for the second point at least.

At least we got 1? I know that's not the way to think, especially against the team that kept us from inching our way into the playoffs last season, but it is what it is.  Let's surprise the Blackhawks by being sharp a full 60 minutes, eh?

On a side note, my gal Steph was happily surprised at her workplace by a group from the Preds Org.  Pictures will be up soon, but let's just say there was an ecstatic girl with a handful of t-shirts today off Demonbruen and an afternoon she won't soon forget.  Thanks,  Mr. Perez, for making her day!

Off to guzzle some NyQuil.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preds Play Without Fire, Get Burned 0-5


It's all my fault, it's all my fault, and I'll tell you why.

My first FST-holder year in 2007 had me buying tickets for as many friends as I could to go to games with me.  One of these friends was a quirky, lil Canadian fella by the name of Rohan (Hi, Rohan).  He wanted to go to as many games as possible, but if he had to pick one, it was the next game against the Flames, as he was from Calgary.  Little did I know that by inviting a fella from Calgary into my home that they would continue to beat the tar out of us most of the times they visit.  Sorry, everyone.  My bad.

That being said, playing the hottest road team in the NHL at the moment by not playing at all isn't the way to win the game.  When our expected top-O isn't even registering shots on net throughout the whole game, you know you're pretty much done.  That being said, thankfully not too many people witnessed it (and I say "thankfully" in a bittersweet way cos we need folks in seats - even the scalpers went home broke tonight).

Time to forget.  The Wild are up next and it's time for us to get back on track for this 2-game tour.  The Blackhawks will be the real challenge, but if last night was any indication...one game at a time - cant afford to get too ahead of ourselves.