Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preds Extinguish Flames 5-3 In Calgary


I was at work for the last scheduled day of 2009 (students go out of town for break, I get a bit of a vacation myself) with a terrible hangover (Vodka's a cruel mistress) while our boys continued their own version of Sherman's March (through Canada), so I didn't have a chance to catch the matinee game on the tv nor the radio.  Another 5+ goal game makes me wonder if Trotz rewards the fellas with Tim Hortons if they score 5, the way we get our frosties.  Whatever he's doing, it's working quite nicely, eh?

Steph, however, was lucky enough to catch a majority of the game on the radio dial, so without further ado...SPC Special Guest Blogger Stephanie:

Well today being my birthday it was kind of special already, but a 4th straight win never hurts. I like what I've been seeing/listening to lately. We're starting off strong right from the start & if the opponent ties it up or even if we get behind a goal or two,  the boys are brushing it off & coming back strong. I like that, the consistency of play is much better in comparison to earlier this season. Our boys are playing a full 60 minutes no matter what the score is, and that's always a good thing. We're scoring goals on every line, also a good thing. We've got 20 players (sans goalies) & maybe it's just me, but I feel like all 20 players should contribute at least something to the game. Now,  I'm not saying that I expect Weber & Suter to have 20 goals a piece this season, but you just can't rely on your top line to be the only ones out their scoring goals. You've got to spread the threat around or those special few become the main targets for the opposition. That's what we've been doing lately & just look at the results. We scored 5 goals tonight & everyone of them was scored by a different player. 6 goals on Thursdays night & the only one of five guys to score more than one goal was Patric Hornqvist. I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. After being hit or miss for so long we're finally playing as a unified team & if we continue this calibre of play the playoffs are ours for the taking.

Sorry I didn't really talk much about tonight's game. If for some reason this is the only hockey blog you read & you missed the game here's a quick recap.  We were up 2-1 at the end of the 1st with a goal each from Erat & Legwand. The flames took a short-lived one-point lead in the 2nd with a pair of goals coming from Iginla, but Goc tied it up for us just after the 17-minute marker. The Flames tried to rally back in the 3rd, but with solid goaltending by Dan Ellis & a goal by Cody Franson & then empty netter by Scatchard, the Preds took the much needed revenge for our last home loss to the Flames.


Thanks, Steph! Happy birthday!

This was an exciting game to say the least, and thankfully, I'll have all the time until mid-Jan. to catch the upcoming games and bring you the SPC take on things.

'Til next time!


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