Saturday, July 24, 2010

New SPC Blog Spin-off: Goalie A Go Go


As I had mentioned in previous posts, I'm bored as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Rather, not only does off-season have me jonesing for hockey, I had this thought LAST FALL, but didn't really start actively seeking out ways to deal with it until this past April.

The goal: to teach myself to be a goalie.

This means teaching myself to skate, to physically re-invent myself, to study and memorize movements and techniques, to commit myself to the laundry list of items required for the position, and to swallow my pride and ask for any and all advice from anyone who would like to help a very late-comer to the game.

The link will now on be included in the right column here and will soon be available at

Thanks to those who have already been helpful through the mere beginning few months of this journey.  @maalivahti has already made such a journey (beginning in 2005), if not a more impressive feat (due in part to the gender barriers associated with contact sports) with her blog From the Couch To The Crease. The first handful of posts had me looking around myself, nodding, practically following similar paths - and giving me insight on what challenges I may face in the future.  That, and her love of industrial music tickles me black. Anyway, the chance that I stumbled upon her blog a few weeks ago through a Twitter conversation with Justin from The Goalie Guild was too perfect to ignore.  Things are moving in the right direction and that's all there is to it.

Personal updates, achievements, opinions, news, equipment reviews, and more...chock full of SPC-style goodness - now available at GoalieAGoGo.


Friday, July 9, 2010

NHL 11 Is Almost Here & Kovy Still Doesn't Have A Contract


Have you been enjoying the summer as I have? No? I understand - I've been going through hockey withdrawals as well.  Oh, believe me, I tried to get back into it (if you've been following my Twitter feed - SeePuckCity) by going to the official NY Rangers draft party to help console Rangers fans when they had the chance to pick the 3rd and 4th best player on the list and instead went with a much lower "enforcer" type.  I tried to get back into it by going to the NJ Devils equipment sale hours early, only to find myself with No.323 and among a slew of folks wondering what the hell was under their feet.

After being in the Big Apple for a month to test the waters for a possible future fit up north, I came home with a hankering for real BBQ (which up north they believe is either "anything on a grill" or "Texas-style beef brisket" - wrong on both accounts with the correct answer being "smoked pork, you damn Yankee") and my beloved Hockeytown South.  Sure, they've got some great fans and even a greater amount of amateur hockey leagues, and local hockey shops with *gasp* a large amount of goalie equipment, but something was lacking.

I monitored every bit of news coming out of the Poile camp like the rest of you, only I did it from a 400 sq ft studio sublet in Brooklyn with no A/C...and yes, it was pretty much the same weather Nashville had the whole time I was there.  Activity began stirring about...something we're not often used to seeing.  Capt'n Concrete was sent back to NJ while I was looking out at it from the Q train, while Hammer and Ellis were sent off to be someone else's recyclables.  Forwards were picked in the draft - something else we're not used to much!  And then the (rather obvious) rumors that Weber would be named captain began floating about just in time for me to touch back down in the heartland in time for Prospect Camp (after being near Prospect Park for a month) and the Skate of the Union. That's more like it!

My question was, and still is, who will back up Pekka Rinne with Ellis now set to take over Tampa Bay?  Will Deks be brought up from Milwaukee or will Poile set aside a chunk of change for another, more veteran goalie presence?  If Deks comes up...will Pickard take over?  The video above shows what I think is the future of Preds goaltending: Anders Lindback.  If he's out to challenge a shooter, the shooter will lose.  At 6'6" (that's TALLER than Pekka), pucks just bounce off of him.  Over the first 2 days of Prospect Camp, Lindback has been the best of all 4 (Lindback, Pickard, Smith and Engren - and in my opinion, that order). Pickard will have to watch his back if he's trying to win that starting role in Milwaukee.  We'll see how the rest of Prospect Camp unfolds this weekend!

Lastly, the Skate of the Union.  I left the camp to check out the arena, find out any more details regarding the equipment sale that I could.  The NJ Devils sale left me a bit paranoid, having arived there nearly 3 hours early and still having 300 people in front of me - I caught a glimpse of a jackass with 10 or so goalie sticks all wrapped up in a bundle, all Brodeur of course - nothing spared for anyone else who gave a damn.  Sadly, that's the way of the world, even in Nashville.  I grabbed a bite at SATCO and headed back to The Bridge around 1:30.  One other fella was standing outside of the arena when I plopped my bag of books down on the trashcan in the entry lobby.  He came inside and we began talking about hockey.  Some of his friends came in a few minutes later and we had a decent chat.  I mentioned the fella above, with all of the Brody sticks and they all agreed that the guy was a nogoodnik. Then I found out through hours of conversation that the fella I had been talking to nabbed not just 1 Rinne stick last year, but most of them.  I'm sorry to say, for the sake of all the Rinne fans, for the up-n-coming goalies (or well-established goalies looking for cheap equipment), for TigerPredsChick and a few others that asked me when they got through the line and saw me with my 1 Ellis stick, that same guy grabbed all 4 Rinne sticks, handed 2 to his friend that was behind me, and began trying to bargain to other fans for a Hornqvist stick. read that correctly - bargaining with merch that wasn't yet actually his own.  Cheap-shot move, buddy.  Stay classy.  It was then that I realized that maybe the "treasure hunt" technique the NJ Devils people used might not have been a bad idea after all.

Ptty! Phooey! Thhhpt!! Now that I've got that bad taste out of my mouth, Weber is now Capt'n and Lombardi is #15.  Hopefully soon we'll hear about Franson and Hornqvist, but until then...have a helluva Friday with all your new (or used) toys from the sale and I'll see you all at Centennial Sportsplex on Saturday if you decide to show up and recognize me.