Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"SeePuckCity Is The Best Ho(c)key Blog Nashville's Got," says SeePuckCity.


It came to my attention two days ago that yours truly was nominated in a contest of strength, wit and/or value.  Sadly, that came to my attention after the fact that yours truly did not make it past the first round of said contest.  Today, my attention was turned towards one blogger in the contest mentioning that smear tactics were being used to undermine this contest of will, honor and/or knowledge, and I have only this to say to the whole situation:

SeePuckCity is the ONLY Nashville Predators hockey blog you need.

That being said, I will tell you why I'm right in my rather ballsy comment: cos after you read my take on a game and/or reason I posted something hockey-related, you can click a link to get all that boring statistical bugga-boo.  You can go get your stats or your interviews or your podcasts with guests who make more money than you doing awesome things you'd like to do (see Mike Birbiglia) or your opinionated feminine view of things, you can even click on a link to get your extrovertedly anonymous view of things, or even your Canadian view of things (*shudder*), but as long as you're doing it with a smile (a smirk works just as well - see AJ for your smirk-worthiness) on your face, you've got it done right (you do know that when you click the highlighted text, it will take you to a related or ironically humorous link, right? If not, you've been doing it wrong.).

SeePuckCity: It's it. (What is it? SeePuckCity.)



((In all honesty, congrats to all of you guys - if it weren't for you all, especially after the messageboard went to hell, I wouldn't have been inspired to do what I do here.  A sincere shout out to all Nashville Preds bloggers, Admirals bloggers and Cyclones bloggers - thank you and keep it up.))


  1. Well, I see that you didn't poke fun at MY blog, but I'm not sure if that's because there's nothing to poke fun at or you just don't consider it worthy to mention.... ;)

    And sorry you didn't know about the contest. I just stumbled onto it myself about 10 days ago. I'm pretty sure I was the first one to call attention to it amongst the Preds bloggers. So if you really wanna blame someone for this mess, I'm your huckleberry...

    You do a great job here as well. Keep it up!

  2. It's cos your blog is too wordy. *cough*

    You've earned yourself smirk-worthy linkage, sir. You've got a new follower on Twitter as well. I will soon be adding links to everyone who has a link and a blog roll to this blog's lower right.
    Just keep bringing the light-heartedness and I'll keep bringing the dark-heartedness - haha!