Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Erat Earns The Season's 1st Hat-trick: Preds Defeat Canucks At Home 4-2


Betta Czech yo self befo you wreck yo self - Erat scores a hat-trick, the 1st of this season for the Preds, after being moved up to the 1st line for tonight's game.  Has he played 3rd line yet? I believe he might be the only player to have played all 4 lines this season, and with scoring points in 4 consecutive games, it looks like he might be staying there for a lil while.  This is great news!  This will make JP pick up his lackluster pace while Erat hopefully continues his consecutive point-streak.

I was at work until the 3rd - keeping score on the iPhone with Sportacular, as usual, but I arrived while it was still 1-2 Preds.  Steph took notes and I heard the stories and saw the proof - apparently...Vancouver is practicing for the Olympic Diving Team - Daniel Sedin's favorite movie: Dive Another Day.  He'd shoot a puck and fall to the ground.  Or...skate behind the goal post and fall to the ground.  Or get the puck at face-off and fall to the ground.  I'd go so far as to say if he were called on a penalty, he'd re-create a dramatization in the penalty box and do an interpretive dance of a leaf falling to the ground. Oh, and Burrows, you're a twat.

Hornqvist had a pleasant return to the positive stats with a goal in the 3rd (with an assist by none other than Erat himself) as well as a target on his head - he seems to be the fella the other team wants to push and shove just cos he's always stationed at the net (hey Trotz...does Belak do this? Nope. Doesn't do anything else either).  A toast to Horny as well! It's vodka tonight, and while it's vodka, a toast to Pekka as well (Finlandia, perhaps?) - what with a montage that bests any intro of the past two seasons.  Seriously...I don't want Schindler's List music with my black&white hockey highlights to get me in the mood.  I want Rob Zombie back!!!

I will be missing the Columbus game on Thursday due to the fact that my punk band, Clist, is playing our first show in two Mays - 8pm at the Little Hamilton Collective.  It's up to all of the other quality bloggers to take care of the news and notes for you!

'Til Detroit!


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