Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Calling As A Prophet Is Moot: Redwings Best Preds in OT 3-2


As I mentioned in the previous post, due to my band's first gig in a year and a half, I was unable to make it to the OT win over Columbus, let alone hear it on the radio, so I did not blog about it.

I did, however, have a dream last night that I twittered about earlier this morning:  I was walking to my friend's place (though it was a 2-story townhouse instead of a normal apt) and I looked down at my phone to check the game score - it read 3-2 Preds.  I woke up feeling assured that tonight would be a W.

Tonight, I had to work, but I was able to keep up with stats until the middle of the 2nd, and I listened to the rest on the radio.  When I first saw 2-0 in favor of the Wings, I felt defeated, but as I began listening, it seemed that my dream prophecy could come true - our boys in blue came back to tie the game 2-2 (thank you, Leggy and Sullivan/Jones) despite faulty calls that give Detroit goals that shouldn't count (seems that our calls at these games always waive ours off).  As I sat outside of the Nashville Arena, awaiting Steph's return (she makes it to all the games I cannot make it to due to work and takes notes - that's love!), we made it to OT - a point for each team - fine.  Then Todd Bertuzzi decided to be my very own lil Freddy Krueger and destroy my dreamage, though not intentionally - we lost another game due to TURN OVERS (the ultimate Pred fan nightmare during games we should win).

The Preds battled back sharply in order to tie it up and then coasted into OT wondering how to maneuver while the Wings were firing all pistons and paying full attention to not only themselves but us as well.  In the end, that's what lost the game - the extra attention paid (in full, this time at our expense).

We've got another game or two at home against these fellas - next time we must make all 60 minutes count instead of 30, in order to make sure these 3 point games don't occur in our division.  We were only 3 points out last year - let's make sure as many other Central Division teams know that feeling this time around.  Play completely.


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