Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas From SeePuckCity


Whatever you choose to celebrate or choose not to celebrate - we at SeePuckCity (myself, Steph and Falkous the Hockey Dog) hope you have the merriest time doing it!

Myself? I'm having a very Kraftwerk Kristmas.

Steph spent the past two days in Atlanta with her folks and received a Preds 3rd jersey, an Ads Away jersey and an authentic Cincinnati Cyclones jersey for Christmas (Who loves their gal? I loves my gal). I bought myself an old Nashville Knights puck.  Pictures of hockey gifts will come soon.

Have you sent yours in yet?  Send your hockey gift pics to to be included in an upcoming pre-New Year's post!

Falkous spent the day at his Grandmother's house while a creepy old man-doll with bad posture watched over him.  He apparently hit the Egg Nog a bit too hard and passed out in the bedroom.  Time to get back to the next set of relatives visiting the house!

As posted before, have happy holidays and more importantly, safe holiday travels.  Tis the season for crazy drivers and bad weather conditions, and we all know those two things don't go together...especially in the South!

See you at our 2nd home tomorrow night against the Blackhawks.

Cheery Cheers.

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