Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010 / Beautiful Beantown


I know I said I'd have a New Year's Eve post up before the Preds game, but cooking got the best of me and I found myself doing that from 3-7, making various salsas and a huge spread of what ended up being Soul/Mexican.  Last night was also the last time an East Nashville culinary staple, Dee's Q, would be open to the public. As of last night, Dee's Q is no more (so I picked up a few pounds for the freezer and then some).

While cooking, I was able to tune in to the Preds/Blue Jackets game, but couldn't hear very well over the stove fan or the food processor, but I did hear the end result and that's exactly how I wanted my 2009 to end - with 2 points (thank you, Thuresson and thank you, Legwand [and thank you, Ward for creating the chances])!!!

That being's now 2010.

And what a game!!! The 3rd Annual Winter Classic turned out the way I (and I expect most Bruins fans) wanted: a close game filled with close calls, acrobatics, fights, and in one goalie's case, redemption (Thomas seemed to let his temper get the best of him when the puck found him out of position...but that last couple of minutes in the 3rd showed why he is on Team USA - with our one and only, Ryan Suter)...and of course, a hometown win. ;D  I lived in Boston for six months while entering college, but realized I missed too much Nashville-way and moved back down.  The city is beautiful, the people were actually rather nice (to "that Southern boy", despite my lack of any accent), great history and architecture, great public transportation, great pubs - it's a city I'd like to check into again sometime. And why would I root for a team that lured a handful of our former boys away? Oh...and I visited Philly before moving to Boston, and Philly is an incredibly dirty city, especially in comparison to Beantown. Call is bias if you want. Go Bruins.

More fun photos will be had of Steph and myself in our new hockey gear we got one another for Xmas, and of course more of Falkous the Hockey Dog (who really should win that Pedigree contest, don't you think?).
I've got off work until the 11th, so I'll be in Section 303 for all of the upcoming home games and I might even make it up to Cincinnati to catch a Cyclones game - been wanting to do that for awhile!

Oh, to the ladies that want Women's Style 3rds - they're apparently on their way.  Steph had mentioned the topic to a certain person near the top of the marketing ladder and he informed her that they should have come in when the regular ones came in last month, but something happened at RBK that delayed the shipping.  Me thinks it was "creative marketing": everyone buys the regular 3rds for gifts and once everyone has the regular version...the Women's version is finally released upon the unsuspecting wallets.

Cheers - now gimme my hoverboard!

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