Monday, November 23, 2009

"You've Got Red On You" - Preds Defeat Red Wings 3-1


My apologies for no post in regards to the exhilarating over-time win against the Blue Jackets Saturday night.  As mentioned, Steph and I had planned a house party months in advance and couldn't make it out.  Instead, I had the game streaming on GameCenter and playing through a loud PA system while guests began to arrive.  In the shootout, none of than Marvin Elias Ecos joined me to bring forth his good Preds luck to the DJ booth.

Anyway - you know that story already.  Tonight is about the Predators solidifying their winning run through the leagues heaviest hitters, continuing tonight with the defeat of the Detroit Red Wings.  The team continues to look as complete as they have since Montreal.  Tootoo playing hungry, Pekka standing on his head or fifteen feet in front of the goal to stop mostly everything, Erat continuing his redemption by not just earning assists as in the last few games, but multiple goals as well, the PP unit coming together multiple times too, D playing strong in front of their goaltender, the top line growing [as one Twitter fan called it] "face pets" for cancer benefits...and to scare the living bejesus out of the goalie when they crash the net, the team is working as a team and is winning as a team.

Yes, folks, this team is real.

Yes, media, this team is real.

I love it when a team comes together.

The crowd was amazing tonight for the only nationally televised game on Versus.  Twitter fans mentioned being able to hear 303 loud and clear, with a possible conspiracy as to why "That's The Way I Like It" was played after Erat's first goal (the reason: VS didn't like hearing the "You Suck" chant...cos they could...loud and clear...that the Red Wings suck...and we were going to beatt the hell out of them...[Nogood, loser]), but that's just speculation (unless you've got the proof, then it'll be called "Versusgate" from here on out).

What else new? The 3rd jerseys of course! They're quite lovely, but I will let you in on this...I've got a 2007-2008 replica home jersey, Size L, so I pre-ordered a 2009 3rd size L.  The new 3rd jerseys are BIGGER than the current replica jerseys.  My 3rd jersey Size M is pretty much equal to my home Size L (I tried on the L and I could tandem skydive in that thing).  Steph wore an old XL Preds promotional long-sleeve shirt and her Size Small 3rd fit over it with maybe a half an inch of the bottom of her shirt showing.  Rumor has it they'll be available in the pro-shop on for the Nov. 27th game - Black Friday strikes the Sommet Center?? Nooooo!!!

'Til Colorado.


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  1. Shaun of the Dead reference. Well played, sir.