Friday, November 27, 2009

Blues Break Streak: Preds Fall 1-3


It's nights like these I don't like hearing about streaks.  Nights when the loudest, booze-ladened fans of the Central Division come to our house and leave gratified (though they for some reason feel gratified when the game begins, mainly due to their incredibly high blood-alcohol level).  Nights when new superstitions can be created when you unveil a new 3rd jersey to the fans (that is supposed to be saved for Saturday games only, so already you're creating unlucky hocus-pocus). Nights when the team goes back to the ol' Dump&Chase routine and the ol' Powder Play (not a typo, they might as well be playing in the snow).

I wonder was Coach Horachek is thinking right now.  Perhaps:

"Dammit, Erat, I said 'No more fancy dancing'! What do you call all those missed chances, bad passes and turnovers?"

"Fancy dancing? I thought you say, 'No more lancing dancers'!"

"What does that even mean?"

"I thought it was Young Buck song. My badness."

The Preds lost to the Blues, 1-3, and there was no real reason why other than laziness.  Did the streak go to their heads?  Did the Thanksgiving leftovers settle heavy in their tummies?  Did the air pressure (or high-grade dank) from Denver zone them out the past two days?  Did they want to give Mason a chance to look half-way decent again out of a feeling of lost brotherhood?  Did they not want to ruin their new jerseys cos they're just too damn pretty (seriously, buy one - you'll love it)?  I don't know, but any of those could be valid with the game we saw at the Sommet Center Nashville Arena this evening.

The refs were also in the lethargic "mailing it in" mood this evening, waiving off a goal that went in at about the time the whistle blew despite the puck not being covered.  Another goal nearly went in, popping off the side of Mason's glove, hitting the post and bouncing back out (many fans say this should've been a goal, though this is the one I'll disagree on - it didn't pass the line).  And later on in the 3rd, another goal waived due to an assisting "hand pass".  It's never a fun game when the refs are in Kariya's pocket not doing a fair and balanced job.

Wings fans might suck, but at least they've got a talented history to back up their yucks with.  Blues fans are the definition of "suck", plain and simple.  I have yet to meet a Blues fan in Nashville (this is excluding you, Edwin) that doesn't act like a drunken, obnoxious waste of sperm & eggs, and to top it off, it's a Friday night, so you know they've been topping it off since 3 o'clock this afternoon, waiting to trip up the stairs and stumble down the streets of our fair city (yours is apparently rather dangerous, I might add, St. Louis Boozers).  Here's to you, Blues fans (I'd say "Alpha Blues Fans", but you all consider yourselves "alpha" despite how very wrong most of you are), a giant Mad middle finger.

Preds face yet another former goalie tomorrow, Vokie and the Panthers at 7PM once again.  Perhaps we'll have better luck against Mr. Baptist Sports Medicine.

In unrelated news, my Kovi to Nashville rumor has been picking up steam as of today.  Good ol' Ek at has been "talking to a source" regarding the "ownership group in Nashville showing interest" in Kovalchuk.  As I stated before, it'd be a great move and one that would bring positive media attention to the Predators (regardless of the fact that there has been very little stated up until us winning the 7th game in a row - found a few tidbit articles here and there saying "Hey...they're doing better than we thought (ie. better than any team in the league this month)", but as I said, tonight's not a night for hearing about streaks.  Since Ek has taken notice as well, my Kovi to Nashville rumor is now at a Level SPC-Delta!!! Let's make it happen.  Either that, or Bobby Ryan.  Either one works.  Get those leftovers away from Poile - it's like he's been snacking on them since last year's Thanksgiving Dinner.

'Til then.


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