Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ski Pred-trol: Preds Win Over Avalanche In OT 4-3


I haven't moved very far since the fun name post a few hours ago, and alas, no cable, so I streamed 104.5 The Zone and caught back up on local news and worked on my fantasy team a bit (sorry Havlat, you kinda suck).

The Preds came out, swarming all over Colorado in the 1st, 2-0.  The 2nd had Colorado handing it back to us, making it 2-3, and then Weber came back near the end to tie it up at 3.  The 3rd was a stale-mate until the last few minutes when Legwand began chipping away like it was one of those lumberjack contests to no avail - went to overtime.

Legwand found a chip-away friend in Arnott and scored the OT goal to win the game.  Legrat and Ewand (nicknames I use thanks to an on-air radio tongue twist that I will always grin at, regardless of the fact that these two players have finally found their place this season) are working it game-per-game now.   Keep it coming, you two!!!  Erat, you got a new house to decorate!  Leggy, you got a new kid to start a Vanderbilt college fund for! Keep it coming!!!

I'm a lil superstitious, so I won't talk of records other than this one comment I'm typing right now.  You'll hear about that kind of thing from other less mystical hockey-god fearing folk.  Still excited though...but getting hopes up is never healthy for TN sports fans (see last year's Titans and Vandy fans) ;D

See ya Friday!


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