Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey,'s safer to park your car outside in Nashville!


SPC Rumor Chart:

SPC-Alpha - I have on strict authority that this is totally happening.
SPC-Beta - I have on half-assed authority that this is "totally" happening.
SPC-Gamma - I've got a friend of a credible friend saying this is going to happen.
SPC-Delta - I've got a few folks with sources (ie. other bloggers) speculating moves in the works to make this happen.
SPC-Digamma - I've got a feeling based on tea leaves, standing up too fast, it coming to me in a dream or something similar to this that this is going to happen.

Kovalchuk to Nashville: SPC-Digamma

I know, I know - the talks with the KHL are still possibly going on and talks about being shopped around prolly won't even begin for a few weeks, but the possibility...the feeling that we might just be able to land Kovalchuk if the right buttons were pushed...

What do you think?  Poile bring Kovalchuk to Nashville?  That wouldn't be the first thing we've learned from the "Big Apple of the South",  one of the most dangerous metropolitan cities in the country, Atlanta - no, no...we've learned how to make rap music and how to perfect cola and how to steal architects with illusions of grandeur.  Now we just gotta learn how to make hockey players realize Nashville is on the up and up while Atlanta is MARTA a rotting pile of garbage. Sure, we don't have a rotting pile of garbage subway system, but we are the friendliest city in America! Howdy, Ilya - I'll buy ya a round down at Jack's and then we can go electric slide at the Wildhorse! See? Friendly!

In all fairness to my girlfriend Stephanie (who made the wise decision to move from ATL to BNA Nashville) and our many friends back down Georgia least Decatur is nice.


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