Friday, November 6, 2009

Flat Out Ducked: Preds Duck It Up In Anaheim 0-4


It feels like it's been so long since Halloween, and in fact, a lot can happen in six days:

- Jordan Tootoo can finally come back to play his first game.

- Capt'n. Arnott also returned from his injury to provide the offense we had actually been doing fairly well with over the last 3 games.

- Colin Wilson was hit with the injury-relapse bug.

- Shea Weber  trades places with Arnott and is now out for 1-2 weeks (reeking havoc on my fantasy team, I tell you).

- Erat is still out, but that could be good news still.

- Dumont, the man seemingly making it all happen in the past 3 games, is injured during practice.

What resulted last night was what resulted weeks ago: a team that had a few bright moments among certain players (Hornqvist was robbed by the refs, in my opinion) saw major changes within key players and that just threw off the strategical radar.

The Ducks' all-star guys were comfortable, they seemed to know how to push our buttons, or at least make the ref's seem like our buttons were pushed, bringing forth many penalties against the "least penalized team in the NHL".  And though we had 5 chances with the "man advantage", we still couldn't capitalize to save our skin.

If the team of three weeks ago is back and the team of two weeks ago was a fluke, I can only shudder to think what will happen with San Jose, and dare I say, even tomorrow with the Kings.  We shall gather around the radio like the did in olden days, and with the Christmas holiday looming around the corner, we'll be asking Santa for a gift we should've given thanks for last year, but sadly didn't.


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