Saturday, November 14, 2009

Preds Drive 55 - Shut Out Habs 2-0


I can't get Sammy Hagar out of my head at the moment thanks to my prideful attempts at being clever.

Preds drive a whopping 55 shots at Carey Price and bring home a 2-0 win after nearly two weeks out on the road, a much needed victory to provide the hometown crowd with proof that they are finally getting comfortable with themselves and with the way they need to play to return to the playoff run.

Note: I was able to get out of work a little early and made it just in time for the last minute of the 1st period, so I missed Sully's first goal, but to look at the shot clock after a period and see 24 shots to some single digit (was it 6 or 8, I forgot) put a smile on my face.  Hell, to see 1- 0 after the 1st is enough to put a smile on any face.

The 2nd period saw some great passing and more territorial domination.  It was only at some point in the at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd where we were really even semi-challenged (even by the refs with a questionable goalie interference goal waive-off).  Sully bagged one more and that cemented the win.

Some of the movement and puck acrobatics used to keep the puck in control was a welcome addition to what I see as an "evolution" of the team during the regular season.  The little things helped us keep the puck in this evening, helping the team dominate in the offensive zone.  Sure, we might've made Carey Price look amazing tonight, but it's better that we're the ones shooting in the end (it's that pesky scoring bit that we're still working on, but it's getting better!).

I won't be able to witness most of the next few home games due to the workplace's closing shifts getting me to the Sommet by 9ish, so we shall see - I may sell my tix, or try to make the 3rd and get an update via Stephanie.

Coming off tonight's dominance, I think we just may now have the trick to keep the Sharks at bay, and win back what we sorely deserved.   What say you?


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