Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shark Meat Tastes Like Chicken: Preds Win 4-3


I was able to get out of work at 8:50 this evening, to catch the last 6 and a half minutes of regulation live at Sommet Center.  Stephanie took notes and I witnessed some rather awful off-ice officials essentially allow 3 minutes of timeouts to San Jose while they kept wading through the rough and tumble sea of shot-clock time.

4-2 soon became 4-3 as I sat in my seat in 303, cursing my bosses for using me as a replacement for some girl who got canned, some girl whose schedule involved closing every single evening, when I asked for as many day shifts as possible. Psh...unions - seniority rules who gets day-shifts. 

Seniority ruled tonight as well as Sullivan, Legwand, Smithson and (the exception) Ward tallied ho - Legwand finally stepping up to the doubt that similarly has been cast on his ole buddy Erat due to lack of production.  Whatever was said to these boys has finally made a difference.  I believe it was Asst. Coach Horachuck mentioning during 2-0 practice drills some thing to the effect of "no more fancy dancing".

The team we saw against Montreal showed up again to get revenge on San Jose and those points that should've been ours last week.  This is the team we've wanted from the get-go.  This is the team that will show the nay-sayers and northern doubters what we can do.  This is THE team - our team.

Lets hone in on this identity, realize the potential, and take out the competition.

Wilson to the Ads for conditioning?  If the team is playing as well as it is without Wilson, who has sadly missed the amazing transition we've got going on at the moment, then I hate to say it, but fine.  Let him destroy Chelios and the Wolves, the Rivermen and the rest of the AHL.  I'm sure he won't have an issue with that assignment.

I don't think I'll be able to make the New Jersey game as much as I'd like to (if tonight was any indication).  I'm putting my ticket up on Ticket Exchange - 303, H4 if you'd like to buy it and comment on how amazing my seat actually is.  Those silly folks on the glass don't know the half of what it is to be in 303.  Foolish folks indeed!


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