Thursday, November 19, 2009

Devils Not Welcome In The Bible Belt: Preds Win In Shoot-Out 3-2


Today was a good day.

The last day of work for a week and a half before Thanksgiving weekend...I was working closing shift and took my break for lunch around 2:30.  Out of nowhere, Stephanie appears at my workplace, having not yet visited my new workplace before, telling me of "good news":  Preds Marketing folk came into her workplace and noticed her Rinne shirt - conversations took place - free lower bowl tickets were given - score.  I told one of my superiors, a fan of hockey himself, if he wanted to buy my tix in 303, he could.  He then told me he was closing and we were overstaffed so he'd try to get me out early, and he did.

The seats in 101 were quite nice, though I will say this for the rest of the folks in that section...worthless.  No crowd participation, no chanting, no clapping, constant talking about un-hockey related topics and staff members by the name of "Ben" and "Allison" that hopped from seat to seat (including our seats...twice) to talk to their friends they most likely gave free tickets to.  The last time we were given free tix in 107, the folks at least clapped the team on.  101...puck bunnies and Ben and Allison's buddies - psh.  They don't deserve those seats.  Enough of the negative...

On to the positive!

Our boys just defeated the best in the West AND the East!  Arnott scoring twice against his former team, as well as the best goalie in the league (one of the best ever), Tootoo gets underneath the Devil's skin without dropping the gloves, while Rinne stones Parise and Langenbrunner, Santorelli notches the first shoot-out goal and Erat redeems himself by winning the shoot-out and the game! What a game, indeed!!!

Nashville: Where On-Fire Teams Go To Die.  Let's keep it going, fellas!!!

Have you voted for the Nashville/Ottawa game to be re-played?

Have you seen who just has to be Pedigree's Next Most Awesome Preda-dog In All Existence?

I won't be at the Columbus game this Saturday - a party has been in the works at Casa De SPC for months now, but I'll definitely be picking up that 3rd jersey - might even make it my party attire later that evening.  'Til then!


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