Saturday, March 27, 2010

Red Wings Outlast Predators In Shoot-Out: 1-0


That was a battle to be sure, but a battle that leaves me asking questions about the following:

Mascot Madness: Why was the Thrashers mascot in town? Was there a furry convention or something? Eerily enough...those exist.

The D: What gives?  Klein actually looked better than Suter for most of the game.  Yes...I don't feel bad if you have to re-read that sentence again.

Mitch Korn: What? No tape on Howard? C'mon!  I'll admit - he is very good.

Arnott's Return and Injuries In General:  When and how much does it matter? I recall twice this season where the team won more games while the Capt'n was out.  Sadly, the lack of Arnie and Wardo has actually hindered progress.  Bring Denny back soon!

Red Wings Fans:  Are they still "the worst"?  Once they stop chanting, they've got great things to say about Nashville as a city and how it's taken to the sport of hockey - the ones I overheard tonight, anyway.  Blues fans (my friend Edwin aside)...can wither away and DUI.

Rinne / Howard: Who played better?  I'm going with Rinne cos the team left him out to dry on a few occasions - something Detroit doesn't do that often.

Urgency:  Where in god's name did it go?  Too many times, too often, did a Pred get the puck and either toss it away to a Red Wing, pass it away to someone who wasn't there, or stop it completely and move it back instead of forward.  Even my favorite of the year, Marcel Goc, was guilty of sitting with it for a few seconds while the period wound down instead of moving it forward while the Red Wings were on a change.

Next Saturday:  Revenge by playing it like you meant it twice.


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