Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grebeshkov Drills Oilers @ The Bridge - Preds Win 4-3


Welcome back to Nashville Predators hockey!!!  Yesterday, we learned we had a new player flying in with the rest of the opposing Edmonton Oilers, Denis Grebeshkov (greh-bezh-kahv - c'mon people).  Today, our newest Predator scored himself a Gordie Howe hat-trick - an assist (on Colin Wilson's goal), a goal, and immediately after that goal...a penalty.  Welcome to the club, Denis!

Who played well against the worst team in the league? Grebby, obviously, proving that a Russian's loyalty lies with the front of the jersey, despite what they just left behind.  Colin Wilson had a great game in nearly every department - goal, good passing, great puck movement, etc.  Francis Bouillon looked sharp as a tack being paired with Grebeshkov. Smithson had a rather sharp 3rd period to say the least. Arnott with a goal, nearly two, building walls like he was Amish. Hornqvist with a number of shots on net. Weber with a goal...

Who played meek against the worst team in the league? Oddly enough, Weber was way off play when Suter had to deal with a 3-on-1 that lead to Edmonton's 1st goal.  Ward was invisible, and when he had the chance, the energy just wasn't there.  Dumont did little to help his case back on the top line. Pekka, re-signed as the Preds starter for the next two years, let a couple softies by (though again, that 3-on-1...couldn't have been handled either way) - lord only knows if Trotz keeps that blasted rotation going or not now. Lastly, Erat, Mr. Spinderella himself, didn't know exactly what to do with the puck whenever he had it, so for that, I call him out. ERAT! EEEERAAAAT!

In the end, however, we won against the worst team in the league, so bully for us, right?  Next up - a much better team - the LA Kings on Thursday.  I'll try to make it - but will most likely be working.  If I don't see any of you kind readers then, I'll see you Sunday at 2PM at The Bridge!

[Below: 1st star of the game, Denis Grebeshkov]


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