Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Present In Anaheim: Preds Outfloat Ducks 1-0


If I let myself continue typing without editing the first word would have come out as "Readquiot>". Yep - my birthday celebration is over, though the liquor is still flowing.  That being's going to be a short post tonight.

Weber...thanks for my present. I liked it very much (see MST3K for full reference of phrasing).

SPC Steph, SPC Stache and I went out to Whiskey Kitchen for a late lunch/early dinner - ran into my sister in from NYC by complete accident - headed out to see Alice in IMAX 3D (it's good - but not $15 IMAX good) - then bowled while the server turned the game on for us.  Came back home to the company of friends, had another drink or so, played Mass Effect until I began to cuss (cos there are so many spots where you wonder if you played the game wrong and should've leveled up somewhere else - geek sheik - piss off) and that's where I am at the moment.

Tomorrow will include a full hair coat of the dog with more friends for post-birthday celebrations then lazing about the haus all day.  A gift unto itself, I believe.

Preds...Sunday you'll meet back up with the Kings.  Do to them what you did last time and I shall be content with a 3-1 road showing.  50-50 is NOT playoff showing...just so you know.

Cheers (seriously...CHEERS! Last call, etc)!

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