Monday, March 29, 2010

Preds Mauled By Panthers But Survive To Tell The Tale In OT: Win 3-2


I did tell you that the Preds have got a patent pending on the "3rd Period Breakdown", right?  Never the ones to disappoint, that's exactly what happened near the beginning of the 3rd.  Prior to that...Legwand scored the only goal in the game - so you KNEW something was up!

The piss and vinegar dried up soon after that as the legs got tired.  Two deflect past Ellis and the game quickly changed its tune.  Thankfully, the line that many fans are loving to watch (Horny, Sully and Goc) didn't like that tune and changed it with less than 4 minutes left in the game to tie it up.

1 point for each team, but since its Florida in the East, no big deal (though it would have been...if the Preds were in the division it SHOULD be in - it only makes sense, Bettman! Make it so!) - but it soon was time to take off the little kid gloves and put on the very mad gloves.  Once again, that lovely line that tied up the game had Goc drop pass one to Francis Bouillon and he took full advantage, putting it past Clemmensen at exactly one minute into OT - winning the game and bringing the team up to 94 points in the Race of the West.

Tomorrow, Quick and the Kings.  Will an injured player finally be back tomorrow? Who knows? As long as the team plays all three periods, it shouldn't matter.  And if Pekka keeps up what he's been keeping up, no fan or casual viewer should have doubts.  We're goin' to the playoffs and I fear once the team knows how to keep it up for the whole 60 minutes...the other teams won't know what to do with them!


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