Sunday, March 7, 2010

Canucks Cause Preds To See Big Green Men - Lose 4-2


As far as the Detroit game went, we played like we didn't care.  As far as Ellis is concerned, he didn't get the 2 year contract - I feel like he played like he didn't get the 2 year contract. The Red Wings are bouncing back from their bad Canucks loss like a game of jacks by a hyper-active child with OCD.  Chicago had their 2nd period against them.  We had our 3rd period with Vancouver. Game-changers, game-deflaters, game-losers.

It didn't start out that way.  Edler had the first goal, but Arnott (rather, Luongo) struck back, ending the 1st 1-1 with 10 shots each.  Wilson set up Tootoo for what seemed to be like the game-changer, knocking his own rebound over the shoulder of Roberto Luongo (that's right you Northern Tootoo haters...#22 beat #1 - regardless of the loss, suck on that for a moment - tastes like ipecac, doesn't it?).  The 3rd started with confidence, but a few bad bounces or awful strokes of bad luck shot it all to hell.  Hansen got his rebound on Pekka who thought he had it covered...he was wrong.  Samuelsson notched one in and one of the twins (forgot if it was Daniel "Diving Bell" Sedin or Henrik "Butterfly" Sedin) scored the empty-netter.

Detroit inches ever so closer as they're 1 point away in 8th while the Preds begin to lose grasp of the 7th.  Thankfully the next week sees plenty of pavement, as the Preds have fared well on the road.

Thanks to those of you that have already taken part in SPC Steph's Otter's Chicken Tenders special - At the Demonbreun Otter's store only, if you bring your Preds ticket or if you wear a Preds jersey before the game, you get a free appetizer.  Tell your friends and help make Otter's the pre-game hang out!

See you on the 16th vs the Flyers and possibly around town for the away games. Friday, March 12th against the Ducks, I will be at Dave & Busters for my birthday - smashing pins with a 14 pounder while pounding them back 'til I'm smashed! Perhaps I'll see you there or you'll see me on the news destroying anything with a duck on it in Opry Mills mall (I'm looking at you, Bass Pro Shop).


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