Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preds Shut Down "Little Brothers" In OT: 1-0


Before I get to the rather stat-less recap, I gotta ask - what's YOUR reception like on your phone in Bridgestone Arena?  My AT&T iPhone was as useful as a scratched player on a hockey team (or in our case, we can just say "Belak").  Couldn't text, call during intermission - nothing - despite seeing full bars and a 3G showing up.  If I can barely get reception in parts of my home, at all in my 2nd home (ie. The Bridge), or at work...what the hell is the point? AT&T...YOU SUCK!!!

I never thought I'd actually miss Cingular. response to the Red Wings grabbing a point with 0.2 seconds in regulation only to lose in a shoot-out against the Oilers, our boys in black & blue went into OT against our divisional "little brothers" as some like to think of the Blue Jackets.  Lots of great chances and lots of great saves.  The way Sullivan and Goc played together, you'd think there would be a few more notches up there, Erat - the same, but alas...Mason seemed to have returned to his rookie season form.

Come into OT:  Erat's a quick lil Czech to be certain, and his quickness got it to Cody Franson who ends up being a near capacity crowd's knight in shining armor.

3 stars (via radio broadcast):

3 - Cody Franson (Really? Not #2?)
2 - Steve Mason (One goal in OT against...fine.)
1 - Pekka Rinne (13th shut out! 3 of them in the past 4 games.  Thank you, Rinne!)

This was a close one against a lesser team that played a game last night.  Why was it close? That's the question that needs to be asked and overcome tomorrow night against the Blues.  There should be 100+ folks in Navy and/or Mustard to root the boys on, so loud - make noise! Lord only knows how loud and obnoxious they get in our barn!  Man, I hate Blues fans.


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  1. Sometimes disabling 3G works for me when I'm in AT&T Network Limbo. It's slower, but it does usually work.