Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dealing With Road Rage: Preds Take It Out On Canucks 3-2


What a game, what a game!

It's raced right out from the get-go with the Preds scoring in the first few minutes shorthanded thanks tow Ward, then Burrows followed.  Jones (or as we call him around here at SPC, "Dogboy" - see last year's Pedigree calendar picture...and be thoroughly freaked out) scored the second, though due to some odd calls tonight, on a PowerPlay, Burrows followed.  More calls on both sides, calling everything, I'm sure the refs even called St. Paul (bad pun a brewin'), and Shea Weber scored the 3rd and final goal the Preds would need to stay ahead.

We played from the get go, 1st period - that's what we've been missing for awhile.  We've got Ward back, giving us that first goal, and as the stats will show, we're now 17-0 when he tallies a point.  Hornqvist had more help than usual in the down and dirty areas where he normally excels.  Ellis didn't allow the rebounds he normally gets called out for allowing (though, in his defense, it's normally cos the defense isn't doing their job).  And the determination to get the puck back to Weber as quick as possible regardless of how many attempts it takes...always a plus...as long as our boys stay out of the way.  Good show, fellas!

Now the negatives, though I'm sure you all know what I'm about to say...if you frequent this site...which, if you do frequent this site, post a comment (they are always more than welcome!): SEPARATE HAMHUIS AND KLEIN! Hammer might as well be inflatable clown mallet when he's paired with that beady-eyed excuse for a defensemen.  The first goal, Hammer's fault. And most bad passes and turnovers can just be pointed in #8's direction, cos if he wasn't actually at fault, he will be in the next game - trust me.

Other than that, I can't say much else.  I went back to work today, but thankfully these late Canadian games come on right as I get out...so...yay.

'Til tomorrow.


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  1. HORRIBLE calls last night, on both teams. I'm not normally one to complain about a team being shorthanded, but there has to at least be the slightest air of legitimacy in the call. There were two or three calls on the canucks that had no business being made (Like the burrows diving call, which is the first and last time you'll see me defending that POS.)

    I didn't think that this was their strongest game though. They played about 45 minutes, which is better than the 15 they logged against carolina on thursday.

    Here's my opinion, and it goes back from what we talked about on thursday at the Carolina game: Dumont was playing well for the canucks. there was at least three or four times that he blatently put the puck on the stick of someone like a Sedin twin. When a goal scorer is afraid to score goals, we're going to suffer.