Friday, January 29, 2010

When It Snows, It Fails: Red Wings Defeat Preds 4-2


Haven't posted in two games.  The last game would've been the same ol', same ol' from this end: play a full game, blah blah blah.  This game against Detroit, however...we could've won.  We just didn't.

Detroit, coming off a recent losing streak and playing against the only divisional rival in the way of their playoff spot, came to play.  Jimmy Howard has been hot and our boys just didn't know what to do.  With all 48 shots on this fella, I nicknamed him (in anger, mind you) "Howard the #uck".

Where was "Snow Storm" tonight?  Well, the snow storm was going on at home instead of on the road, and the rest of the blame could possibly be due to CONTINUING TO PAIR "HAMLOOSE" AND "DE-KLEIN" TOGETHER!!! Trotz...stop.  Really.  You're changing up rules you used to follow, so for the love of the hockey gods, quit trusting ANY of your instincts and separate those two now. No, really, NOW.

I'm on a nickname streak tonight, don'tcha think?  How's about "Cody FransomebodyhelpmeIcan'tdoitalone"? Or "Patric HornsomebodyhelpmeIcan'tdoitalone"? Or even "Francis BouillatthisrateyoumightaswellcallMEcaptain"?

5 games lost, gone; points ka-put.  What do you think is going to happen tomorrow against Atlanta? That is, if you go.  It's snowing.  People here can't breathe properly if stuff falls from the sky.


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