Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Road Rage Part II: Burning Oil(ers) - Winning 5-3


Weber then Goc in less than 30 seconds? Yes please! Can we have some more?

JP Dumont waking up and realizing he's not only good for assists, but for scoring, notched one on the board - nearly two if it weren't for the fact he hit it in a bit too high.

Hornqvist continuing on his mission to make us forget about the typical "top line" and love him instead scored a goal (another tip of the hat to Goc for an assist on that goal and vice versa).

"Dogboy", Ryan Jones, tipping another feed from Dumont to complete that night of scoring - yes please! More more more!!!

The 2nd game in Canada, the 2nd of a back-to-back - this time with only one penalty late in the 3rd (as opposed to last night's debacle) and we came out strong, firing all cylinders, and scorching the Oilers - making them seem lifeless in contrast.  Good.  We've been doing road games well this season.  Let's keep up the great work, let's keep chasing the No.1 goalies out of the net, and let's keep scoring from every angle and position.

That's Preds hockey after all.


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