Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preds Receive A Jobbing(.com) From The Coyotes: Lose 4-2


I was at work during the 1st and the Nil-Nil score made me think we were playing at the same pace...until I found out we outshot them 14-4 (or something similar) once I got to the car stereo.  I got home to listen (cos the video feed on kept glitching) to the 2nd and the usual suspects (Horny and Erat) took us up to 2-1 by the end of the 2nd.  As we've done in the past, once we get ahead, we lose steam...and ex-Pred Scottie Upshall used his magic (hair) to earn himself a hat-trick, keeping us down 4-2 for the rest of the game.


I normally don't curse here at SPC, but to lose so much steam in the most important part of the game...that's infuriating.  Tomorrow, however, we face Colorado - yet another foe in the playoff race.  We can't let up.  We can't only partly show up.  This is a team game and the whole team should show up and play until they can play no more.  Yes, this was our first of our series against Phoenix, but that's no excuse.  We should not have let this 3rd period play take place - especially when I deleted Upshall from my fantasy team once he was day-to-day not too long ago.  That bastard!

Go Preds!


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