Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Snow Melted - So Did the Avalanche: Preds Win 5-3


Now THAT is the game we've been wanting to see!  The top line coming alive multiple times and sending a sold-out audience home with Frostys in their pockets (figuratively speaking; that would rather suck if you had a Frosty in your pocket - unless you were wearing your Cooler-pants).

Ward brings his luck to the game as well, making it 19-0 when he tallies a point in a game this season.

As for the Capt'n...a handful of folks gave him a bit too much credit in the form of hats, as two goals ended up being tipped in my Mr. Fantastic himself, Patric Hornqvist.

I didn't get to see it first-hand, as I was at work this evening (though that will soon change next week as I will have my days shifts back soon and I will be at every game from there on out!), but I did hear that Goc had a great defensive-minded game and that even Hamhuis and Klein were, dare I say, clicking?  And apparently Jones had some smooth moves that were sadly blocked. He's getting better each week, I think.

This was an important game indeed - hell, any remaining game is an important game indeed at this rate!  It's not "panic time" yet, but these games leading up to this last little break in the season will be watched closely to say the least.  The Preds will head up New England way next week aaaand Steph and I will be following them!  We'll be representing 303 in Madison Square Gardens and now that Kovy has made his way up to New Jersey, I feel if I had to pick between an Islander game and a Devils game, the Devils game has won out! We'll do our damnedest to make it there - and there will be pics...unless one of those Yankee bastards mugs us on the way out for wearing our Preds gear (truth be told, I don't think they'd even understand we were rooting for the other team anyway - I wore my Preds jersey to a Rangers/Ducks game and I overheard a guy asking his friend if I was wearing a Kings jersey...yeh).

See ya Saturday!  We might need a bigger boat, but Weber can nail the oxygen tank from the blue line.


[Editor's note: I nearly forgot.  While I was driving home, listening to the 1st star of the game (Hornqvist) interview...Patric said something that made me smile and hope the other guys were listening.  He said, to paraphrase, "I know I've got to be in front of the net every night." This is the guy who knows where to be, how to be, who won't quit, who will do anything for the emblem on his chest and this is why we will need to pay him Ward-money if not more...especially if he passes that 30 goal mark.]

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