Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidnerella's Golden Necklace / Team USA Gets Silver; Comes Up Short in OT 3-2


Congrats to Team Canada winning the Gold in the hockey tournaments on their home soil and in front of the world. 

Congrats to Team USA for being the underdogs in the beginning and becoming the king of the hill by the end of these 2010 Olympics - I do believe these past handful of games will do more for the game of hockey in the US than this whole 2009-2010 NHL season, and that is precisely why Gary Bettman should shut his yap when it comes to complaining about the 2014 games.  It's times like these past few weeks that breed new fans, Gare-Bear - stop fooling yourself.

The only thing that I am unhappy about in today's game of games, isn't exactly about the outcome, but about who fired the shot.  I would've been fine with Niedermayer, Iginla, Weber (especially Weber - go Preds!), hell - even if Luogno scored, I would've been fine.  But no.  It had to be the game's most recent "Golden Child" - Sidney Crosby.  I find it a bit convenient and rather cliche, in one of those "early 90's Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan is the end all and be all" moments - the marque name in the NHL scores in OT for Team Canada for the Gold.  Recall the first Winter Classic? The OT shootout against...well what do ya know...Ryan Miller and the Sabres.  And the fact that the first game back from the break is the Penguins vs. the Sabres.  But what happened has happened.  Crosby will most likely get a few streets named after him in Nova Scotia or something after this.  We in the US will be hearing all about Crosby for another four years easy, and lord only knows how this will boost the arrogance of the typical Canadian hockey fan/blogger/reporter/Don Cherry.   To that, I'll just nod, smile and say, "See you in give me a Tim Horton's doughnut."

I was unable to join Section 303's blast at Bleachers, but SPC Steph and SPC Stache were able to make the trip, and took the all-too familiar 303 sign that we made in NYC with them.  Apparently 100+ RSVP'd and judging by a few pictures and stories from Steph, that seemed about right.  Fan-made events like this one are what successful hockey markets are made of, so you know damn well we're doing something right!  Myself - I was at work - preparing for dinner on campus - but I was able to take my break in the middle of the 3rd.  With two minutes left in the 3rd, I noticed a handful of students began flocking around the TV.  Girls talking with one another, "You like hockey?" "Um - yeah - I love hockey!" and "OhmiGawd, I wish I knew how to play hockey," among many other similar quotes had me grinning.  The college kids that grew up with the Preds are obviously coming around.  There were at least 20-odd students around the TV in the last thirty seconds when Parise scored the goal that took it to OT - an Asian-Canadian sitting next to me cursed loudly and chuckled.  It's as if he knew how OT was going to unfold all along. Curse'd goose-faced Sid the Skid.

Now that the gold, silver and bronze railroad-run-over coins have been given out, it's time to get back to the game.  Trade-deadline is coming up. Fantasy teams will be up and running in two days. I can't wait! Pekka got his 2 year extension - hopefully he'll live up to it for the rest of the season and then some.  I wonder what will become of our Danny Ellis.  I'd like to keep him, cos the kids in Milwaukee aren't ready to step up yet - Deks is finally coming into his own in the AHL and Pickard needs another year or so there as well before being considered as an NHL back-up.   These Olympic games have certainly had me missing the hell out of Vokoun.  You too?  Thought as much.

Perhaps a goalie with a significant mustache?



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