Saturday, February 6, 2010

Needed A Bigger Boat: Preds Thrown To The Sharks 4-3


What a see-saw doozy of a game.  The Sharks and the Preds were neck and neck through the first two periods, beginning the 3rd with the same number of shots on goal and same number of goals.

What brought us to that point?  2 goals notched in by none other than Mr. "Publicly Reported In Trotz's Doghouse" Himself, J.P. Dumont and a lovely break-out performance by Joel Ward.  Toss in a handful of fights between Belak and Shelley, thankfully no goals by ex-Predators and some bad PK let downs and you've got yourself a 3-3 in the 3rd hockey game.

What happened to keep us from winning? PK failures? A bit.  The waiving off of a few goal chances? Possibly so.  Nabokov making dangerous saves when called for? You betcha. The last two minutes tossing around the puck like a hot potato, making our top D look like...Hamhuis and Klein on a bad night? Well...that did happen, but there was tons of miscommunication on the ice when Pekka skated off for the extra attacker.  We generally matched up very well against the 2nd best team in the league, but the few mishaps that took place cost us the game.

It was one of those games that shows the strong points as well as the weak points which is a good thing to have before for back out on the road against some of the best in the East.  Sadly, the weaknesses were pointed out the clearest.

If you watch carefully during the Rangers game, you might catch a glimpse of two Preds logos in the upper corner deck.  If you watch the Devils game, you might catch a glimpse of two Preds logos very near the ice.  That's right - SPC is making a trip to NYC this week! There will be plenty of pictures and links to go around this coming weekend! 303 represent!!!


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