Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coyotes Bring The Snooze To Sommet: Win After 7 OT SO Rounds 1-0


If this is what Phoenix fans get from their home team, no wonder porn-star enhanced game promotions have popped up on craigslist this past week.  If I move up to the NYC area, is this kind of game what I should expect from being a Devils fan (cos there's no way in hell I can justify being an Islanders fan and being a Rangers fan requires you to hate your team while wearing their colors)?

This game was a snoozer to say the rest.  Hell...the shoot-out is supposed to make the game exciting, but after 10 rounds, I was getting impatient instead of getting into it. Though...really...Weber? Why not Smithson? Or if you really wanted to play a defenseman, Bouillon?

Regardless, the Preds got a point and that's fine by me.  What isn't fine is that the Phoenix is still rising in the standings while we linger around 7th.  I really hope this isn't the 1st matchup come playoff time.  I'm not afraid of losing against them, cos we proved tonight that we can be just as stubborn - I'm afraid of having to pay again to watch more games like tonight's.


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