Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pekka Slams The Door Shut On The Blackhawks: Preds Win 2 - 0.

Who would guessed Jerred Smithson would've scored in back-to-back games at the beginning of the year?  And short-handed at that? 

Who, indeed!  As long as any of our boys are scoring, who cares?!

It's nice to be able to type this: The Nashville Predators shut out the Chicago Blackhawks in regulation, serving them their first regulation loss this season, 2 - 0.  A loss is best any team that's not ours, but even better when it's a division rival.

What to type about!  The 17 blocked shots - throwing the body in front of the puck to actually help our goalie?  The actual forechecking?  Another power play the same week?  The return of the "sharp as a tack" Ward as a producing entity or perhaps the "seemingly always lurking around to lend a helping hand on any and every shift" Bouillon?  The subtle spark of energy that Legwand showed the crowd or the possibility that it was merely caused by the fact that Erat was scratched cos it's become obvious he's a worthless poof?  The fact that the team is producing more without Arnott as well?  The chances that Hornqvist is creating all over the place?  Or perhaps just the "head-standing" antics of one Pekka Rinne?  I'm sure we'll all be talking about all this and more tomorrow morning!

A very strong showing by the Preds tonight.  I can't wait to see this team play again.  Perhaps the secret is and always has been to just cut the fat and play a tight, dedicated game.

Simplicity is great like that.  Let's do this.


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