Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back And To The Left In Dallas

Why do I have the feeling that Statler & Waldorf are creeping over the shoulder of every Predators fan since...well...last Monday evening around half past 7?

Seriously, nothing has worked for this team, rather, the team hasn't worked for themselves and not even Trotz's Pop-O-Matic Bubble containing each and every line combo has proven helpful.  By the time we near double-digits in games played, if nothing has changed, the higher-ups may just need to change something.  I hate to say it for the sake of tradition, but I'll go out on a limb and say, "Jeff Fisher has been the Titans' only coach since they came to town, aaaaand look at them." Jeff Fisher has been the Titans' only coach since they came to town aaaaand they're utter crap.  Thing is, the first two games were rather easy on the eyes.  If the inebriated-hockey goggles have indeed come off and a handful of game-play like these past two days continues: trade, bring up, send down, bench, scratch, fire.  I don't wanna use that "f" word, but since this seems to be the way the NHL wants us all to believe nowadays, look at the Penguins!  Dan Bylsma turned what looked like wasted talent into (black and) gold.  Can we say Rumplestiltskin? We'll sacrifice Klein...or Hamhuis...or Erat...or Legwand (though he's at least half-assing it after being reprimanded).  Why we kept Klein instead of Koistinen is beyond me, and who would have thought we all might be missing our Team Z, Zanon & Zidlicky? I did and still do, but I'm a bit biased.

Who would have thought that after a summer crossing our fingers for more O, we'd now be crossing our fingers for D just as well?

Perhaps those superstitious mystics CAN use the internet!



PS.  Yeh, I wrote this before the game was even over, but the only changes in the game...another goal against our boys.  0-5 Dallas at the time of posting.

UPDATE: 0-6 Dallas. Bring on Chicago!

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