Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Wild Ride: Preds Win 4-3 in St. Paul

The Preds come back once again after blowing a 2-goal lead to defeat the also-struggling Minnesota Wild, 4-3 in regulation. 

Trotz juggled Legwand's line and it ended up...well...kinda making sense.  Scatchard, Wilson and Hornqvist worked very well together (I hope to see them together again tomorrow).  Dan Ellis played a great first period and blew it in 3 minutes in the 2nd - kinda like a reenactment of his career with the Preds on fast-forward.  Rinne came in this time and stood his height (see "tall"). Santorelli gets his in the 2nd to tie the game up. Goc had a nice breakaway to no avail.  Smithson scored the game-winning goal...on the POWER PLAY, while the names you normally expect (Weber, Dumont) started the game off before it all became uncertain...just like in Ottawa.  Thankfully it all took place in regulation!

Excuse my negative tone - I'm very much glad that we won this game...BUT...(cos there always is one of those) we essentially beat a team much like ourselves, plagued with weaknesses.  I can kick the shit out of a Pekingese, but if I'm only a handicapped Platypus, is that a strength or a bit of luck?  Also, I learned my work schedule changes to evenings next week so I'll be missing many games and I'll have to sell some of my tix in 303 - contact me next week if you're interested Grr.

The losing of leads needs to stop.  Since O is our weakness, you'd think once we get a bit of it, we'd buckle down and play it like New Jersey.  We've finally got some chemistry going on with the lines...we'll see how they hold up - hopefully for the better so my fairly recent Trotz-dismissal will be proven wrong.

We've got the Blackhawks tomorrow night.  Let's do what we did right tonight tomorrow night and see how that fares against a faster, stronger Chicago.  I want to see these plans work!  I want to see this team go forward with their own identity!

And I KNOW I'm not alone in wanting this.


PS. No humorous hotlinks tonight - tired as all get out due to the new day job and I wake earlier than normal in the AM.  Off to the Land of Nod.

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